Essential Oils Monthly Boxes

Over 15 years ago I found myself trying to take care of my families health. I sought out Doctors of every kind trying to help my husband and daughter to feel better. After years of trying many medications and diet changes we still had not solved the problem. I began to feel helpless and to lose hope. We not only had found no remedy but things had gotten worse not better. I had Doctors actually tell us the illness was in in our heads, because they didn’t have any answers . I decided I needed to do my own research and seek out natural ways to heal my family. It started small like how to heal a sore throat, then how to find relief from a cough. I have found peace and empowerment by being able to bring relief to me and my family by using simple natural elements found all around us, in our gardens, growing in the mountains or even in our local grocery stores. Join us on our adventure of becoming more self reliant in caring for our loved ones!